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How does R4 3DS card hack Nintendo console? Well, it simulate the original process to run games or multi-medias.. While the 3DS card is insert into the slot-1 port, the 3DS console will consider the R4 3DS card to be original flashcard, and accept it. If the 3DS firmware updated but R4 3DS card not, the old R4 3DS card can’t be recognized by the console, and stopped by toll-gate, but never brick the console.

As we know, the R4 card runs well in Nintendo DS and DSi console. Since 2008, R4 DS born, it is very popular in Nintendo world. Millians of players used the R4 card, none of them find the bricking problem. The R4 3DS card working process is 100% same as R4 card. So if R4 is safe for DS and DSi console, obviously the R4 3DS card is safe for 3DS console.

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